FAQ's - Questions & Answers:

What are HC 12a®, HC-22a® and HC 502a®?
HC 12a®, which is patented, HC-22a® and HC 502a® are hydrocarbon blends that were developed as effective replacements for non ozone depleting refrigerant substitutes for CFC R12, HCFC R22, and CFC R502. Our products have zero ozone-depletion-potential (ODP) and negligible global warming potential (GWP) which make them the most environmentally safe refrigerants available today.

Do HC 12a®, HC-22a® and HC 502a® Require Retrofitting?*
The use of our refrigerants to replace CFC's or HCFC's requires minimal retrofitting (change to service fittings). All other applications require no retrofitting. Our hydrocarbon refrigerants are completely compatible with all the materials and oils (mineral or synthetic) in all systems. The cost and environmental savings can be substantial!

*Notice to Users in the United States: HC-12a®, HC-22a®, and HC-502a® are acceptable for industrial process refrigeration applications only when used to replace any CFC's or HCFC's (Class I or Class II substances). In addition, HC-12a®, HC-22a®, and HC-502a® may replace any 2nd generation (non-ozone depleting) refrigerant. The manufacturer recommends following the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board (ACRIB) guidelines as established in the United Kingdom for refrigerant conversions when using in stationary applications. Please contact the manufacturer for additional information.

Are HC 12a®, HC-22a® and HC 502a® Safe?
Very safe! They are non-toxic, earth friendly compounds. As hydrocarbon blends, they are flammable but the risk of ignition has been shown to be extremely low. Even so, a distinguishing odor has been added to our products so that any leak in a refrigeration system can be readily detected and corrected.

How Efficient are HC 12a®, HC-22a® and HC 502a®?
Extremely. They are up to 30% more efficient than the refrigerants they are designed to replace and even more efficient than CFC R12. This means less wear on your refrigeration system, substantial energy savings, and reduced fuel and energy costs. Our refrigerants are competitively priced when compared to the weight equivalency of the refrigerants they are designed to replace.

How are HC 12a®, HC-22a® and HC 502a® Installed?
There are no new procedures to learn. The same gauges are used, and refrigeration systems are charged in the same manner used with the refrigerant being replaced. Our refrigerants are completely compatible with the synthetic oil used with HFC R134a and the organic oils used with CFC R12, HCFC R22, and CFC R502 systems. No flushing or oil changes required.

Do HC 12a®, HC-22a® and HC 502a® Offer Other Benefits?
*Hydrocarbon refrigerants do not become caustic if contaminated with moisture or oxygen.
*Hydrocarbon refrigerants are better conductors of heat and require less engine horsepower or electrical draw to compress, which reduces compressor wear and extends compressor life.
*Hydrocarbon refrigerants extend compressor winding life, produce negligible copper plating and coke formation on valves, and extremely low chemical breakdown.

Do HC 12a®, HC-22a® and HC 502a® Have EPA Approval?
HC 12a® is acceptable as a substitute for CFC R12 in retrofitted and new industrial process refrigeration systems. The primary market for our refrigerant products, however, are as second generation replacements for HFC R134a and all other substitutes for CFC's and HCFC's that are non ozone depleting.

EPA's Final Rule published April 1, 1994 states:

"In this final rule, the Agency has determined that second generation replacements, if they are non-ozone depleting and are replacing non ozone depleting first generation alternatives, are exempt from reporting requirements under Section 612."

Are HC 12a®, HC-22a® and HC 502a® Guaranteed?
They are guaranteed to perform as efficient refrigerants in all systems and not to harm refrigeration system components or other related mechanical equipment if' installed and used according to factory directions.

Are HC 12a®, HC-22a® and HC 502a® Organic?
Yes. They are blends of naturally occurring substances distilled from crude oil. HC-12a®, HC 22a®, and HC-502a® are manufactured without undergoing a complex chemical transformation. The production of our products generates no toxic by-products or harmful pollutants of any kind.